Ik kreeg een gratis weblog bij mijn website ruimte.
Als oudere jongere een weblog beginnen, da's wel een uitdaging. Maar er is genoeg om over te schrijven, want de wereld staat nooit stil (en ik ook niet trouwens...) en daarnaast hoop ik dat er ergens in die wereld iemand is mijn verhalen dusdanig interessant vindt dat ik het niet helemaal voor niks doe. Want ik mag het wel leuk vinden om hier wat te schrijven zo nu en dan, een beetje interactie is zeer welkom, en helpt mij weer vooruit, want ook bloggen kun je volgens mij leren....misschien wordt het ooit nog eens wat. En die interactie kan via de commentaren in dit blog, via mijn website, email en via twitter. Leuk om nog eens van je te horen !

With my webspace came a free webblog.
Starting a blog as an elderly youngster, that's quite a challenge. But there's plenty to write about, because the world never stands still (and neither do I ....) so I hope that somewhere in that world, there is someone that thinks my stories are worth reading, so I'm not doing this for nothing.
I do like to write here occasionally, but some interaction is very welcome, and helps me to move forward, I think blogging is something you actually can learn.... someday it might even be worthwile reading for more than just my friends and family.
You can interact via the comments in this blog, through my website, email or via twitter. Nice to hear from you again!


Travel Planning

MarcellinhoPosted by Marcellinho Sat, January 14, 2017 14:28:49
Yes, my air tickets are booked, I'll travel to Thailand again this time ! Looking forward to 3 weeks in the "land of smiles" ! smiley

It will be a repeated experience for me, as I've been here a few times already, but this time, wife and kids will join, so we're up for a family holiday experience, can't wait !
My kids are of the same breed, globetrotters as well whenever they can, so it will be an experience to never forget.

As we all know, planning is half the fun already, so looking at where to go and what to do is really making choices.......there's so much to see and do, but there's also so little time...

Arriving in Bangkok after a 15 hours flight itinerary will make me want to go exploring immideately. A few temples, the reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace are on the list in Bangkok, as are a bike tour and a klongs boattrip. For the remaining of the time, we'll be relaxing by a pool or enjoying the delicious Thai food.....

I'll plan a few hikings and trekkings in the jungle near Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, upon arrival by night train from Bangkok. I've done that before, and it was impressive.

Next stop will be Krabi where we fly to from Chiang Mai. We'll hop on a ferry to take us to Phi Phi Islands. A fabulous beach resort, offering great scuba diving opportunities awaits us for a stay of a few days, and I'm looking forward to diving with loads of marine life eg. manta rays, whale sharks, loads of fish and leopard sharks already !

After that we will be in Kao Sok national parc, where we'll discover nature at it's finest.
Kids are already looking forward to experience this also, especially a stay in a jungle hut and meeting monkeys and elephants makes them curious and ready to go smiley.

Another fabulous part of the itinerary will be Kanchanaburi, with River Kwai Bridge and the Yeath Museum as top must sees !
I was so impressed by the Yeath museum the first time I was there, I'll make it a "must see" for my kids as well. There is a lot of Dutch history there as well, so that made it very real, apart from the overall experience to look what happened there.

Let's see how this will turn out to be, as I said earlier, the planning is already half the fun, and looking at all these travel opportunities makes me feel curious. There is a lot to plan, so that will keep me busy for some time to come.

Any insider tips about what to see and where to go are always welcome !

Happy travels !


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