Ik kreeg een gratis weblog bij mijn website ruimte.
Als oudere jongere een weblog beginnen, da's wel een uitdaging. Maar er is genoeg om over te schrijven, want de wereld staat nooit stil (en ik ook niet trouwens...) en daarnaast hoop ik dat er ergens in die wereld iemand is mijn verhalen dusdanig interessant vindt dat ik het niet helemaal voor niks doe. Want ik mag het wel leuk vinden om hier wat te schrijven zo nu en dan, een beetje interactie is zeer welkom, en helpt mij weer vooruit, want ook bloggen kun je volgens mij leren....misschien wordt het ooit nog eens wat. En die interactie kan via de commentaren in dit blog, via mijn website, email en via twitter. Leuk om nog eens van je te horen !

With my webspace came a free webblog.
Starting a blog as an elderly youngster, that's quite a challenge. But there's plenty to write about, because the world never stands still (and neither do I ....) so I hope that somewhere in that world, there is someone that thinks my stories are worth reading, so I'm not doing this for nothing.
I do like to write here occasionally, but some interaction is very welcome, and helps me to move forward, I think blogging is something you actually can learn.... someday it might even be worthwile reading for more than just my friends and family.
You can interact via the comments in this blog, through my website, email or via twitter. Nice to hear from you again!


Scuba Diving, again..!

MarcellinhoPosted by Marcellinho Sun, December 15, 2013 20:19:17
Last summer, I've picked up the diving adventures again.
As if I wasn't busy enough already..... smiley
The beautiful weather we had last summer and the scuba diving videos I saw on the internet, made me reailize that I wanted to get diving again, after all those years. So this time it was once again time to actually get going, instead of dreaming about it as I have been doing the past years. Years ago, before my kids came into my life, I was an Advanced Open Water Diver and I travelled the world in my job as a travel agent. I have dived in some beautiful divesites, all over the world, admiring the great underwater world....

My log says I 've been in Cyprus waters, I find dives logged in Hurghada, Egypt and I've been diving in Mauii , Bali and Cuba
Well, in those days, my travelling was a lot easier, (more specifically, you might read cheaper here... ) because there were no children who had to join.... That's all changed now and therefore my current holiday destinations are mainly in Europe. But here we are, my kids now have the ages to be able to learn diving themselves, so I thought it might be time to introduce them into the fabulous underwaterworld.

That's why I decided to ask my good friend Google smiley, to give me an advise of a good PADI dive store in my neighbourhood, and to my surprise, Google found a 5 star PADI dive center in a nearby village. How cool is that ! After a brief introduction there, I got my first two dives again since years ..... In the Netherlands, in Vinkeveen this time, surely something else than Mauii or Bali , but well, this might be the start of a really nice hobby, that I was dreaming about for years but never picked up because of .... well, because of what ? In fact, I can't figure it out... it simply never came that far again.... smiley
The knowledge I had gained during my PADI Open Water and Advanced training turned out somewhat rusty, so to speak. My Scuba Review tought me, I had to repeat it all again.... so the PADI theory booklet has been my companion for a few weeks and my Divemaster was the best help I could wish for. So after a few weeks, my first dive after all these years would take place in Vinkeveen. With 5 metres visability and a 20 * C watertemperature, that was a little challenge, but with two instructors and my buddy who also did the Review I got the necessary exercises done, and therefore the restart was good !

After that, we had a second dive and it felt more comfortable and relaxed, exercises went fine again and after having swum around we could play around at a small boat wreck and an old bus. Then the instructor showed us a really nice big eel and after that, this dive was over. We logged these dives and the experience of these terriffic adventures were analysed to the detail. smiley

Now, it's winter here in the Netherlands. It's too cold for me to keep diving at this time. But since the review, I've been diving under guidance several times and it is a blast. The diving in the Netherlands is beautiful, and to be honest, I didn't expect it to be so special as it turned out to be, yes, it's something completely different if you compare to diving in Egypt or Bali.... I see no octopus or barracuda, no parrotfish and no turtles. The visability is not at all comparable to the view in Cyprus or Mauii and allthough the water is a lot colder, I'm glad that I found the opportunity to pick it up again.... As I said, I've had several dives since the review, and even did a PPB specialty, it's great and I'm sure it will be the restart of a great hobby and furthermore, it will give me the opportunity to spend some time on doing what I like very much: getting to know the natural underwater world and enjoying the outdoors in a way that is special and adventurous.

I hope to poste some more blogposts here and keep you all informed on my diving whereabouts.


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