Ik kreeg een gratis weblog bij mijn website ruimte.
Als oudere jongere een weblog beginnen, da's wel een uitdaging. Maar er is genoeg om over te schrijven, want de wereld staat nooit stil (en ik ook niet trouwens...) en daarnaast hoop ik dat er ergens in die wereld iemand is mijn verhalen dusdanig interessant vindt dat ik het niet helemaal voor niks doe. Want ik mag het wel leuk vinden om hier wat te schrijven zo nu en dan, een beetje interactie is zeer welkom, en helpt mij weer vooruit, want ook bloggen kun je volgens mij leren....misschien wordt het ooit nog eens wat. En die interactie kan via de commentaren in dit blog, via mijn website, email en via twitter. Leuk om nog eens van je te horen !

With my webspace came a free webblog.
Starting a blog as an elderly youngster, that's quite a challenge. But there's plenty to write about, because the world never stands still (and neither do I ....) so I hope that somewhere in that world, there is someone that thinks my stories are worth reading, so I'm not doing this for nothing.
I do like to write here occasionally, but some interaction is very welcome, and helps me to move forward, I think blogging is something you actually can learn.... someday it might even be worthwile reading for more than just my friends and family.
You can interact via the comments in this blog, through my website, email or via twitter. Nice to hear from you again!


7 Super Shots

MarcellinhoPosted by marcellinho Sat, March 10, 2012 20:47:09
This week I stumbled upon a blog, that announced a photography blog, started by

As I'm a beginner photographer, this might be a little too adventurous for me, but hey, the ones that don't try, never get any better.... so I went digging through my old photo's, looking for only 7 pictures that I thought to be good enough.......
Well, when is a picture good enough to take part in a photography post that goes around the world?? I don't have the illusion that either of the pics below even come close to what is meant by creating the 7 Super Shots Blog, but on the other hand, it seems nice to take part in a worldwide event as this here we go.... I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots.smiley

1. A photo that… takes my breath away

This picture is taken in France, during my wintersports vacation last year.
We had a wonderful time, lots of snow and looking at these high mountaintops make one realise how small we all are......

2. A photo that… makes me laugh or smile
This picture was taken near Sacre Coeur in Paris. This street artist had amazing skills in controlling the ball, while hanging in this streetlight. His performance was awesome, and it always brings back a smile when I stumble upon this picture. Neither he, nor the ball touched the ground, even though he hang there for at lease 20 minutes, doing his trics......he even wears a dutch soccer T-shirt.

3. A photo that… makes me dream
In Cairo. this sunset was stunning, and memories to the moment this picture was taken, make me want to get back there immideately, although lots will have changed since this picture was taken.

4. A photo that… makes me thinkIn Scheveningen in the Netherlands, we have a Sea Life Museum. Great to look around for a few hours and see these gorgeous sea creatures (..... that live in a museum....???). Upon leaving the museum, these two posters stare at you, warning against the destruction of coral throughout the world. The translated text underneath the upper photo: beautiful coral, alive. The text below reads: beautiful coral, dead........
Now that make me think.........

5. A photo that… makes my mouth waterEvery year, somewhere in may, we have a sunday called 'father's day'
Being a proud father, the habit is to have breakfast in bed, taken care of by the kids. The whole day fathers are treated they way.....ehmm....well.... the way they want to, I guess.... ? Kids do the dishes, they clean up their own rooms and prepare breakfast for their beloved fathers. The above picture shows my treat for that day.... well done !

6. A photo that… tells a storyPrague, walking in the city......... the way this man is completely unaware about what is going on around him, his wooden legs simply placed besides him tell a story, but it also makes me wonder, what has happened ?? The story with an open end so to say......

7. A photo that… I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot)

Well, to be honest, I don't think I have a photo that is National Geographic quality, I wll get there in somewhat 100 years I guess, but here's one that I am a little proud of, this one is taken at Schiphol Airport, and has dutch aviation history written all over it, Transavia, KLM and Martinair in cloudy surroundings at the airport. It was taken 2 years back, and somewhat predictive to what's happening in dutch aviation, foggy circumstances in aviation, Martinair has ceased operations in passengertraffic and at the moment I write this, Airfrance/KLM suffered a loss of more than 800 milion EURO.... this picture though was on the front and back cover of the dutch group of aviation technicians, NVLT winter edition, so that makes me a little proud....although the picture itself is not something special, it's the circumstances that do the trick this time......

Hopfully this little contribution to the 7 super shots feature will create enthousiasm and efforts of dutch photographers to get involved.

If you want to join the Game:

The original guidelines are here:

1. Choose 7 of your own photos, one for each of the following categories:

  • A photo that…takes my breath away
  • A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
  • A photo that…makes me dream
  • A photo that…makes me think
  • A photo that…makes my mouth water
  • A photo that…tells a story
  • A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

2. Write a short description for each image.
3. Write somewhere in your blog post: ‘I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots‘.
4. Tell us you have participated and tweet the hashtag #7SuperShots
5. Nominate 5 other bloggers by including a link to their blog in your post.
We will be retweeting and sharing the best posts from participating bloggers.

I would love to see fantastic photos bloggers come up with, so to each of the photographers, reading this post, I nominate YOU to post your own 7 Super Shots

Greetz !


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